Basketball Tournaments

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July 16, 17, 18 Casey Mooneyham  
July 31 3on3 Promotions
August 7 Midwest Battle of the Rims
August 28 GrindHouse Basketball




 - The Fieldhouse has bleacher seating (without backs), feel free to bring your cushioned bleacher seats - Camping style or bag chairs are NOT allowed on the hardwood floors.


- Coolers, Crock Pots and other various cooking and food supplies are NOT allowed in the Fieldhouse.


- Please no large amounts of outside food and drink - no 'buffet' style food lines are to be set up within the facility, any food must be kept in bags.


- No passing, dribbling, or throwing basketballs or volleyballs outside of the gyms - this is a liability reason and has caused accidents, injury or broken equipment throughout the facility.








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