Thank you for your interest in volleyball at the Fieldhouse.  My name is Yvette Pearce and Susan Patterson and I are co-directors of a unique program at the Fieldhouse Sports Center for volleyball, called MYSL (Missouri Youth Sports League).  When individuals 3rd - 8th grade select 'player looking for a team' on the Fieldhouse website for volleyball, those names are funneled into the MYSL program.  We take all players 3rd - 8th grade that make the deadline for league competition and work to teach the fundamentals of the game through practices and league play.

We have a veteran staff that have played, coached and refereed volleyball at a high level.  We bring this unique blend of knowledge and perspective to these young athletes to help develop skills and grow the game.  It is our desire to provide the confidence and skill set needed to provide a foundational springboard for these athletes to move forward and potentially make a club team, their school team or continue to play the life-long sport of volleyball.

There are several sessions of play for MYSL volleyball as the program runs nearly year - round.  The Back to School session begins in August and runs until October.  The Fall session runs October through December.  The Winter session runs January through March and the Spring session runs March through May.  There is not a Summer MYSL vb program.  Practices are typically Sundays at the Fieldhouse 630-830p and we usually have about 7 practices for 2 hours in length each seasonal session.  Games are typically on Thursday evenings.  When clicking the link below to sign up, please find your child’s  grade level and provide a valid email.  The email you provide is how communication is disseminated throughout the session.

The cost for playing in a session is $175.  This amount covers team league registration, practices, coaching and jersey.  As previously mentioned, there are about 7 practices per session that last 2 hours in length and are very structured.  The cost ends up dividing out to about $20/wk and is a great value for the development and content provided. 

If registration is closed and you find you're unable to sign up your athlete, we have made accommodations to allow players to practice only and keep their  hands on a ball in a structured environment, for a nominal fee.  Please reach out to Yvette at y.pearce6207@gmail.com if this option interests you.

Missouri Youth Sports League (MYSL) for volleyball is a wonderful program for athletes to be introduced to the amazing game that we love to play!



Register for upcoming MYSL VOLLEYBALL sessions by using the following link:



**the fee includes the following:  Fieldhouse team league fee, coach's pay for games and practices, jersey

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